07 October, 2008

An Appointment with Doctor Ben Dover

After a long time thinking about it, since 2005, I've decided to have an overdue operation, I'll be seeing about getting it done and once it's over with, I should be back to normality which would be nice.

I basically didn't get it done because I'm scared of hospitals and operations and all that, and since I felt ok otherwise, I didn't bother.

It's just a repair job, nothing major, so I'm told... but still.

Anyway, that's going to be on my mind a lot now.

BTW: Try my other blog, Rockit, which has this same notice on it, just incase people wonder where I've gone.


  1. So do you know when you'll get the operation done?

  2. No, But I have the referral to the surgeon, he will have to do a few tests and a colonoscopy first and if everything goes well then we can proceed.



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