05 October, 2008

Remembering Dad

My Dad was a local truckie, he used to deliver goods from a factory here to others around Melbourne. The factory made belts, everything from tiny leather joints up to huge conveyor belts used in the largest mines.

Dad was an expert at knots, he would tie down those huge conveyor belts, which were delivered on massive "cotton reels", two would fit on the tray of the largest trucks.

He'd be up on the back, yanking down on the ropes and using all his weight, and tying knots that he knew and understood.

The truck drivers would often get him to tie the reels down, and would say that if He tied them, they wouldn't move till they arrived at their destination... unlike others efforts which would come loose along a highway somewhere.

Dad had quite a reputation for this.

However his talent was not passed along, I didn't aquire his skills, it simply wasn't needed. Had I been doing the same then I suppose I would have learnt, but as my thing was radio and computers then, well...


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