20 October, 2008

Christmas Crackling

Tonight on "Enough Rope" George Miller who made Mad Max and Babe was interviewed, and it reminded me of when I saw Babe, with My Parents... We loved it.

It was Christmas and We sat around My Sister's loaded dinner table, Oh yes, She'd put on a very good spread, She was always great with the main courses while Mum was best with cakes and trifles and things of that nature.

That Christmas stuck in my mind because of the talk and the food.

Babe, The first movie, had been released about a month earlier, and so, families will often talk about the latest film.

The main course was pork, roasted in the kettle BBQ

"I liked it when Babe did such and such... can I have some of that?"

"Yeah, I nearly cried when Babe said "I want my Mummy"... This is great crackle"

"Anyone want more crackle?"

I felt like I was watching this thing that was invisible to others, but obvious to me, it was like being inside some kind of TV comedy

Even though I Identify myself as The Werewolf, I am not a meat lover. I barely have any, some chicken on the weekend, maybe a few turkey slices, the odd meat pie and pasta sauce, but far less than the average person consumes... or would like to consume, since meat is so expensive these days.

Meat is something that just disagrees with me, on several levels and I think it's little more than laziness which keeps me from going vegetarian.

Mum was the same, I took after Her, She was not having any pork either.

It has always amazed me that although we can be so close and loving to our pets, that we can close our eyes to other creatures and eat them without a second thought.

Quite often I buy lamb shanks for my dog, and I do think about the lamb and there's guilt there, but my dog needs to be fed too.

A few weeks back, I was with Shelley and Jamie, and was given a vegetarian meal, and was more than happy to have that.


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  1. I like meat, but not bones. I'm not sure if I'm just lazy, squeamish or had a bad experience as a child.

    Mum used to make soup with lamb shanks to make the stock. The dog got those, so I view them, ossobuco etc. as dog food. Finding bits of bone amongst the soup mix (beans etc.) was unpleasant, so maybe that's part of it. Similarly, I like smoked trout, but tiptoeing around the odd bones takes the enjoyment out of it (which may be why they blend it to make mousse.) Flake is my preferred fish - no bones.

    A local Spanish restaurant has a weekly ribs night - I got the duck breast. However, after seeing their ribs, I think I'll make an exception next time... No gnawing on bones for a scrap of meat like pork(?) spare ribs, these were beef and more like steaks. Yum!


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