19 October, 2008

The Disgruntled

I just recieved an e-mail from youtube which said that someone had replied to a video I made and posted quite a while ago.

Now I didn't understand how to edit in premiere then, so it was pretty much warts and all, ran too long and wasn't really the best video I'd done.

I watch youtube a fair bit, usually via stumble, and will often comment if something is really good. but if I see something I don't like, I'll simply move on, as I'm sure most people do.

This guy didn't like what I'd done, and wrote:

"I've just spent three minutes of MY LIFE watching That S**T"

He was watching youtube, I don't think he was donning his superman costume and just as he was about to leap out the window to thwart some evil genuis's plan to cover the world in a layer of fairy floss, suddenly had a compelling urge to play my video, and thus waste precious seconds.

I wrote back and told him that he'd also wasted about forty seconds replying... Which I allowed as he's obviously not the brightest bulb in the shop... and then deleted his comment which must have been there for a full five minutes.

Meanwhile layers of pink fairy floss spews out over New York, London, Paris, Munich while a cackling mad scientist wails in triumph.


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  1. "There's no pleasing some people." "That's just what Jesus said, sir!"


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