11 October, 2008

Hunk of Meat

Shelley wanted to get video of Katie and I in a forest, well today we decided to try that, but things went a bit crap.

We went to Shelley's lovely home first and met Jamie, Her Partner who is doing the music for the doco, He's really cool.

The house is built into a steep hill, and so you have to literally climb some stairs to get to the ground floor, and then you go upstairs and you're in the lounge, then as you go through the kitchen, you realise you're on the same level as the backyard, so it's pretty strange to me, always having lived in a house without stairs and on very flat (boring) land. The windows look out onto lovely tall trees and ferns.

I took katie upstairs... Malamutes are a bit iffy about stairs but Katie negotiated those really well, When She was almost at the top, She met Shelley's little boy who is going through a Batman phase and was wearing a mask... Katie took fright and went
to turn and go back downstairs.

We weren't at the house very long, as there was filming to be done.

So we all piled into the car and went to an area of forest with some interesting trees, and we had to climb a steep bank to get there, katie did it easily.

Once in there, Shelley got her camera ready to film as Katie sniffed at a scent, next thing she pushed the pine needles away and found a really rank piece of meat.

She picked this up and dumped it to the side and prepared to dig in.

I freaked and thought that it may have been a bait, as a lot of them are used in forests here.

I held her mouth open so that anything would fall out, and that nothing would get swallowed.

Shelley ran back to the car, and got the two litre bottle of water I'd bought with me
and when She returned, we washed Katie's mouth out, I don't think I've ever seen a dog gargle before.

I took Katie back to the car and Shelley phoned a local vet... we wanted to make sure... and Jamie collected the evidence.

A vet was phoned and so off we went.

When we got there, we met Chrissy the vet, a nice American woman, who inspected the meat and said that it wasn't a bait, but a large hunk of animal intestine... probably from a sheep or a cow.

It's likely some dog scrounged it from somewhere and buried it there for later.

Katie was fine, no drama.

Well that blew our filming plans, but you never know, we may try again later.

Shelley felt bad but it wasn't Her fault, dogs will be dogs, that's all there is to it.


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