27 October, 2008


They say that education is a very worthwhile thing, and I agree. But sometimes getting that education does more harm than good.

I was bullied everyday, and became scared of people, and withdrew inside myself. I wouldn't have said boo to anyone.

In the evenings I'd come home and stay with Mum and Dad who I loved very much, and would listen to my records and the radio, I'd stay home, I'd only go to the park to walk my dog, steering clear of the other kids who gave me a hard time.

This was a very dark hole I was in, and yet, I was quite happy to have the few friends I did have, and the closeness of my family.

If it hadn't been for that love I had at home, I think I would have gone completely mad.

The funny thing was that what I wanted most was to be a Radio Announcer, a DJ.
Me, who would barely talk to anyone, was quite happy with the idea of getting behind a microphone and talking to the world.

So, I ended up going to a Radio School in Melbourne after leaving High School.
I was afraid to talk to my classmates, I really liked them, but was just so ground down that it was horribly difficult for me.

One evening the class went to 3XY, a very popular rock music station in those days.
Our teacher was proudly showing us the wonders of Stereo AM which was a way that the AM stations were trying to keep up with FM, which didn't really work.

Anyway we passed the other studio and Shirley Strachan, ex-lead singer of Skyhooks, came out to say Hi to our teacher, who was also a DJ at the station.

I froze, I'm not sure why, Shirl seemed to be a warm and friendly chap, and was happy to just stand and talk to us before having to go back into the studio and continue his show... But as much as I wanted to, I just couldn't relax and chat.

I've been kicking my backside about this ever since, but it was caused because of the time I spent with bullies at high school.

Years and years later, Shirl died in a chopper crash.
and the regret crept back.

However, I opened up, it took a very long time to repair the damage. I am still very shy and still keep to myself, but I will talk with people and really open up to them. I regret that I didn't feel like this in my teens, when it mattered.

I know there are kids out there who are genuinely suffering because of bullies, but please listen to me before you do something awful.

School seems to last forever, but it doesn't.
It soon ends, and those who make you feel as low as you can go, begin to drift away.

Some will go to jail, or die of an overdose... but I hope, I really do hope that many
wake up and change, and I think they do. The kids I knew as bullies have grown and could have married and are raising families, and I'm certain that if I met some of them, that there might be a measure of guilt on their part.

And if they said sorry, I'd accept their appology. what's the point of holding onto anger or sadness? what good is it?

Anyway, they go away, and although your personal growth was stunted for such a long time, suddenly it blooms. and you will find that everything is so much better.

You will find acceptance, it just takes time and there are people who will listen to you and will help you.

If I had my time over again, I would wag school almost daily, and go and try to find a place where I'd fit in and felt valuable and useful to someone, it would have done my spirit a heck of a lot of good.

Education is a wonderful thing, but when being educated is daily torture, you're better off without it.

You can educate yourself if you're determined to do so, in fact you will learn more out of school than in it, provided you read well, visit interesting places, keep up with world events, and keep that brain working.

Don't let the bastards get you down.



  1. Why do we allways here from people who got bullied at school (me included), but you never hear from people who were the bullie and now admitting they were a bullie. I can hope it is through guilt and not that they don't feel responsible for their actions.
    God help the next generation.

  2. I think by and large, the kids who were bullied were always the more interesting ones.

    Kids are obsessed by normality within their groups, and the funny thing is they adore freaks, as teens we plaster our walls with freaks.

    Singers, Actors, Guys who climb up vertical cliffs, Women with double-d breasts.



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