17 September, 2008

Easy as ABC

I've been thinking about what ABC Island needs to help it along,
as usual.

As far as I can see, the problems we have are fairly basic and could be fixed quite easily.

Firstly, The island needs more promotion, not so much in-world,
but outside.

There are hundreds of people out there in the wider world who have not heard about Secondlife, let alone that ABC has an island of some kind within it.

A 30second promotion on TV would be wonderful, but we definately need a dedicated ABC webpage which includes Machinima, which users have created on ABC Island [To show it off], and this needs to have a link where people are likely to see it. A button on the front of the current ABC webpage would be lovely.

The second problem is content.

Because the island belongs to ABC, people expect content... maybe not the same content as radio or TV... indeed that isn't possible since Secondlife is a different beastie to either radio or TV.

People may argue that because a total of Seventy users can use the island at once, then what is the point of creating programming? What if Shakespeare had thought the same way? I'm sure he didn't play to thousands each night either.

It's no sin to have a small, intimate audience.
While it's bad news for television, it's perfect for secondlife.

Creating programming in Secondlife is very much like creating programming for a community TV or Radio station, and I think that is how ABC should see it's Island, Secondlife is first and foremost a community project.

My strategy to get programming going on the island, would be to encourage people with a background in community tv or radio to have a good think about what sort of programming could be done, and to get them to host it each week, in the same way I do with Rockit.

Programs could be about Rural issues, The Environment, Science, Arts, Comedy, Gardening [in a talk-back situation perhaps], Entertainment, panel discussion shows and more.

What's in this for ABC is that somebody may come up with a unique idea which ABC could use for a new TV or Radio show, there's a lot of creativity worth watching on Secondlife, a lot of future talent will come from the internet, as we've seen with Youtube for example.

ABC should not have to do much more than give their approval and trial the new programs.

Providers should not be there to ask for cash hand-outs, why should they? We produce content for the internet for free because we feel that it's required... some of us just need to type.

But firstly, the Island needs to be promoted to an audience who aren't as internet savvy as those already in secondlife, do that first, and things should really start cooking.


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