25 September, 2008

We've got big balls

I'm off to the Royal Melbourne Show today, I normally just go and sit and watch the big moo-moos [as the kids say], I went to see the cows last week and today it's the bulls.

They're lovely, I know some people would think this is weird but I'd really love a charolais bull for a pet, I think it'd be something like having a really really big dog.

I think it's a real shame that the way I come in contact with these animals is mainly via the mince in my pasta sauce. so many times I've been tempted to be a vego.

I bet if I owned a bull I certainly would be.

The fantasy is nice, but I know it's hard work.
Would have been great years back when I still had my family.

My dad used to say that he'd have a bull in the paddock of the home we'd buy in the country if we won lotto, but it never happened, it was a nice dream, but a dream that drank more bucks than it handed out.

After Mum died, I gave the lotto away, needing every dollar I got, probably a wise choice really.

Been giving myspace a shot, but I'm not keen... it's one of those things where I find myself looking for the button to press in order to actually post something.

Blogspot is wonderful, does just what it's supposed to and doesn't fill your page with ads which have no relevance to you at all.

I mean rap stars posing in some pic, doing that weird home-boy thing with their hands, Blonde singers I've never heard of, pouting, with all that curly flowery art in the background which is so incredibly over-used these days [totally sick of that crap passing for art, please someone, come up with something new]. I just look at those things and go "oh please just piss off".

Anyway, off to walk the doggie, who loves me too much and will cry the whole day I'm away... I love her too, she's a dear.

Rockit is on tonight folks, see you at ABC Island at 7:30pm AEST / 2:30am PDT


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