22 September, 2008

Favourite Shirts

Vermus pointed out to me today the oddity of putting warmer clothing on your avatar when you're cold and stripping off when you're hot.

It's true, I do it myself.

In winter when I'm freezing, I'll rug up with a jacket [even though I have fur]... but you know, I really feel the cold, heck I need that fur lined jacket.

I also rez a fire in the pub fireplace.

But in summer, I'll really strip off, or go naked... no, no, not at ABC... although does anyone honestly care if I go naked at ABC? Afterall, I'm just a huge dog, technically.

A pair of board shorts don't go astray, in summer I'll probably be sitting here in real life wearing them anyway.

Oh, there's this thing called Synathesia, where people see colours when they hear certain sounds for example.

I've noticed if I have a bright light shone in my eyes that I feel warm, and tonight when i was listening to the digeridoo sample [at abc island] does the same... weird.


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