18 September, 2008

Wake up Wolfie!

Most of you know I have a Malamute called Katie.

I had walked up the street and to the local bakery to get some bread,
and was pretty pooped when I came back home.

Well it was pretty warm and windy...
although It was just one of those days where you just feel lacklustre.

When I got home, I sat at the computer and started to do what I do.
Katie was pawing at me, I think She wanted a walk.

I was prepared to take her but needed to just sit for a while.

Anyway, we did go for one about half an hour later.

I got home, had a coffee and something to eat and then went to bed
for a few minutes... or tried to... Katie came in and started pawing
at me and wouldn't stop.

The back door was open if she needed to go out, and it wasn't time
for her tea, so... not sure what was up...

Well, ok I was up.

So I gave the idea of having a nice rest away, and got up.

Katie went under the loungeroom table and is now snoring her head off.



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