17 September, 2008

Heaven must be there

Last night I felt very tired and logged out much earlier than usual, in the hope of getting some sleep. annoyingly though, the tummy ache I get started up again last night and kept me awake.

The doc gave me some tablets in case it happened again, but I was also told that peppermint tea may help... The doc was in favour of that too.

About 4:00am I got up and boiled some water and made a cup.

I think it did the job, as the pain slowly vanished, and I fell into a deep sleep.

The dreams I had in those few hours were amazing.

I was at my house, which looked different from in real life, as things normally do in dreams.

Zorro was on the roof, with this glowing white horse.

Zorro charged forward and the horse flew through the sky.

What appeared to be Chinese Monks in flowing robes, stood around.
There was an unreal golden glow around things, a bit like sunset.

Next thing I was in a garden which looked as though it was drawn by an ancient japanese artist, with perfectly rounded hills, a few trees, a twisted lane where Monks stood on a flat hill... and on the sparkling river there were chinese dragons in the distance, one was gold... but I didn't quite see the other... lazily hovering just inches over the water and looking like moored boats, with their heads near the bank. they didn't move at all.

My Dad was there on the bank, with some other people I couldn't identify.
But it seemed to me that this image of him was false, as though I realised he was a part of a dream. a narrow river seperated him and the others from me.

The Monks were there because it was Zorro's funeral.

I can remember one holding something up, like a dark wooden banner with symbols on it.

Then I realised that this was heaven, or at least the place you go to before crossing over.

The action I took then felt rude but... I began yelling for my Mum and Dad across the lake as loudly as I could, it was as though I realised that I was as close to them now as I could be, and there was a chance they might hear me... but of course I was yelling over a very large lake, so it was unlikely anyone would hear or respond. But I felt the yelling came from the frustration I feel inside caused by the seperation, sometimes it's a very heavy burden. The yelling was cathartic.

Then a very tall Chinese Man with a bald head walked up to me, he wasn't angry with me, but he was clearly in control and wore a serious look on his face, though I felt he was friendly just the same.

He asked me to be quiet and said that "If I can create it now, I can just as easily create it again for someone else".

It was then that I realised who this person was and felt embarrassed.

He was God, and he seemed to be suggesting that he would do this for my parents at the right time, and perhaps for me?

I felt a little ashamed of myself.

And then remembering that we were at a funeral, suddenly felt intense sadness for Zorro and cried.

I wondered later about Zorro, could it be that I saw this figure as representing goodness in people?

A child or perhaps he was just small, this fellow, another Monk, gathered me up and held my arm, he wanted to show me something.

There were dark panelled doors in a wall.

When he opened one set, there was another set befind it, and so on and so on, until finally he came to a compartment with lots of small drawers.

He opened one drawer and gave me what appeared to be a photocopy of a photo of an item which was given to me by my Mother, which I had lost and forgotten years ago.

The photocopy had the unusual property of allowing me to turn the item, in this case, what appeared to be something like a childs schoolbag, over and around, and even look inside.

And there, on the inside, written in letters which looked like Artist Eric Elliots handwiting, but somehow I knew it was a message from my Mother.

It said: "Dear Peter, it is no coincidence that sometimes you will just find it where you left it".

I meant something to me in the dream, I was awestruck.

Then I woke and found my body in a perfectly relaxed state, flat on my back, with Vicky, My cat, curled up between my feet.

I felt fine, and got up and wrote down the dream, I'm glad I did, as the messages faded just as I got back into bed.

I have had a wonderful sense of peace all day.

There were some other dreams, one about growing chinese tea for my sister, and ending up with this very odd, hairy plant. and one where I saw a still image... not a photo... where kids were holding hands by the lake, each alternating child was either black or white, but it wasn't easy to tell who was black or white as the colour seemed to shift.

That was certainly some amazing tea I had before bed.


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