15 September, 2008

Facebook Vs Secondlife [Social interaction]

I'm not really happy with Facebook, after the hype I decided to try it out, but about all that usually happens is people try to give you odd applications which don't seem to mean much.

A friend told me tonight that it's a bit like stamp collecting... with Facebook, all you're doing is collecting names and faces.

When I get on facebook, I wade through a bunch of apps that people tried to interest me, blocking almost all of them immediately, and I select OK and make a frew friends but it's not like you'd ever hear from them again.

With Secondlife, there's direct and live interaction, I can talk to people, ask them how their day went, what they had for dinner, how's the dog and anything that people would normally talk about.

Secondlife is like poking your head over the fence and chatting to your neighbour, while Facebook is a bit like putting a post it note on your fridge and hoping someone reads it.

I don't think I'll be using Facebook much longer.

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