25 September, 2008

The Great Escape

As I mentioned, I went to the royal melbourne show today, and I mostly hung around the cattle... because I like cattle, and I dislike sheep. or, putting it another way, I hate the crowds who line up en-masse for showbags.

OK, kids push parents into going for the things, I know I had my fair share as a kid.
There's nothing good in them, you mostly want them because other people have them, and that's something that continues later in most peoples lives. I've been weaning myself off stuff unless I feel I really need to have it, and that's good because I save more money. I spent about $26 in total at the show, but had a taxi ride in an back... heck it's cheaper than owning your own car, and the drivers know where they're going. I'm really bad with directions, and lets face it, where would you park the car anyway?

So I go to see the cows, which are less popular than showbags and rides. it's quieter, although the weekly times pavilion is still far too loud, why do they have those speakers *that loud*? do people think we're half deaf?

While I was there, I heard a man complain about the sound system.
turn the sound down fellas, half way would be lovely.

Anyway, I discovered a new kind of bull called a Pinzgauer, which apparently hasn't been in Oz until 1990. an Austrian breed, unusually marked... sort of white with a brown splodge down it's sides, and the bull had massive testicles.

Oh the bull judges love that "He's got a lovely set of testicles on him" they'll say if the bull is a good one.

I know one thing, He'd never fit into a pair of jeans with a set like that, Jealous? Me? Well just a bit... it's a male thing I suppose.

What's really weird are the amount of people, and I mean adults, who can't tell a bull from a cow. Most people talk about "cows" now, like they're *all cows*, which they're not.

Cows aren't like single celled organisms that somehow split once in a while, there's sex going on at some point, yes, nookietime in the paddock, in front of everyone, even the dog.

I don't understand how people can't tell the difference... didn't they do sex-ed or something?

City people are thick as bricks, honestly, and getting dumber every year.

A breeder of Angus bulls told me something interesting.

When you breed cattle, and your farm, your stud is called... let's say "Kookaburra"
what you do is name your cattle like this... Each year is given a letter... this year the letter is J, so you can only name your cattle something starting with J, Like John, Jerry, Jack etc... but the first name would be Kookaburra, because the stud name always goes first. so... Kookaburra Jack for instance.

However, there is never an "i" year, because it often gets confused with a small "l" and a "1".

Anyway, You know Katie, my very loving and fretting dog, well I locked her inside my house before I left around 10am.

When I came home, I found her in the front yard, and thought for a moment that my neighbour had simply heard her crying so came in to do a bit of babysitting, whcih She's done in the past.

But no, the house was all locked up.

I soon discovered that she had pushed the window open, torn the fly-screen to shreds and leapt out. the window is up a bit over a meter high, and it's higher on the outside... it's a wonder she didn't break a leg or hurt herself badly.

The scary thing is that I had a vision of her hanging out the front window, hurt,
while I was at the show, and felt anxious to come home.

I grabbed a bite and had a shower, as I smelt like cows.
played Rockit at ABC Island and did a bit of DJing.

I reckon I'll sleep well tonight.


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