19 September, 2008

Rockit Rage

No, No violence here, please!

I have an idea, which could go in three different ways, Don't you love possibilities?

By creating small, one or two minute machinimas, I could be the host of a music video program and walk up to people in Secondlife and Say something like:

Me: Hi Mate, How's it going?

Him: Great thanks.

Me: banter banter banter

Him: banters back.

Me: So, You know it's 80's night on Rockit [Rage?] tonight, what was one of your favourite songs from back then?

Him: Probably 1999 by Prince

Me: Oh yeah, I loved that one too, I reckon we have that in our files... ahh yeah, here it is.
Should we play it then?

Him: Bloody Oath Mate!

Me: Righto, here it is then, prince and 1999, you're watching Rockit!

Ok, That's a bit daggy, but you get the general idea, spare me, it's after bedtime ;)
Yes, "Voxpop" that's it!

Now I did say three formats... If it was for Rage, the way it would be done is I could make a set of short films and send those to ABC on DVD. The video would be in standard def widescreen...
My computer would like that, so much easier for the poor thing than HD for once :).

Or.... I still do the videos, and send them to SBS and try to get an Online music show happening.

Or... I run the whole shebang off youtube and do it here.

I doubt I could get more than one a month together, it would take a lot of personal work, but if it was for Rage it would be a one off. It would promote ABC Island very nicely indeed.

SBS may have trouble with putting videos online, that might be a hassle.

The easiest route may be my own blog.

Anyway, it's up for discussion.

BTW: My e-mail is down right now, because some twit spilt their morning cuppa on the main server, at least that's what I reckon really happened.

So if you want me, make sure to leave a comment here, or on Secondlife or Skype.


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