18 September, 2008

Street café

We have approval from Abi to create a café on ABC Island.

Though I'm not sure where to put it.

There's several places where it could go, in the water near the beach... on a pole... like the Kookaburra which was built two years ago at Eragon.

Ryu's building techniques have improved by leaps and bounds
and he seems keen to build it, I know he'll do a better job than me,
If I were to do it, it would look awful as I'm not a builder.

I should point out that this structure would be a lot smaller than the Kooka, it doesn't need to that big, however I also wanted to take into consideration what the café might be used for... and I'd like to be used for potential "Scribbly gum" talks, or something similar... I'm not thinking about it in terms of a dance venue... but then... if the Isiand is being used, that's still a good thing.

Ok, Location....

If not there, then a skybox [Skycafé] may work,
with a nifty *slow* transporter on the island which would give the "customer" a nice ride up.

The problem with having a café in the sky is that a lot of people may not realise it's there. Which might be fixable by adding transporters to easily spotted locations.

Or there is an area under the sandbox... but that leaves it open to griefers, so... bad idea.

There's "no man's land" which is between the sandbox
and Eco house, which is a dead space,

No Sir, the Ch'i just ain't flowin' around there, the dragons don't like it at all.

It's partly because the mountain is really tight against that side of the Island, and avatars can't easily spot if there's anything there. Think of it like that pesky area around your home where
you don't go... it ends up being little more than a "service lane" a place for plumbers to go and fix things... damn, that reminds me, my shower is all blocked up, damn fur.

A possibility might be that if the Mountain was divided,
then people may explore that side of the Island.

Well, Ryu is working on the build right now, and I suppose the best thing to do, as always, in Secondlife, is to experiment... We'll put it on a stick, and see how that goes... and try it in the sky and ask people where they liked the café, maybe that will help matters.

In a way, I don't want to put the café on the land, because it will eat up space, even if it's on a stick, so a Skycafé might be better.

OK, so what will we do with this?

Firstly: It will be a meeting space, where a people can get together and chat, just like they do in a real café.

Secondly: I want to have clickable promos there which lead to various areas of abc.net.au and other forums, blogs etc. Pretty much the same way that real cafés promote bands, venues, local shops, tourism etc.

Thirdly: As a space for forums, a like we did with Librarians.


What I'd like to do is try to get the look as natural as possible, so it has a real, "Bush retreat" look about it. Jon has said he'd help with this, and I think he'd do a good job too... If we can pull this off, the place would look great for nature talks [Scribblygum].

Finally, I had a few suggestions where it might be easier to just buy a building from somewhere and throw that up somewhere [sorry, that sounded disgusting... licks it back up].

I mean, but a building and put it up somewhere.
But I think it's best if ABC Island looks as original as possible.

Anyway, look out for the café, it's on it's way... and please comment and suggest away, here or in-world. :)


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