28 September, 2008

Shock the Monkey

Shelly, and the gang were over at Marko's house today, filming a bit more of the doco.
Annoyingly, when I hooked up with them online, I was pretty tired. Maybe I hadn't had as much sleep as I should've, not sure.

Incase you're not up with what's going on, December Films are making a documentary [doco] on people on Secondlife. Furries will be part of that, and that's Marko and I.

Anyway we've been filming for months now.

I think Marko and I have been really open about our feelings and that might upset the general populace, which is great really.

I'm not into shocking people for the sake of it, but to be really open about things is worthwhile... Yet a lot of people still need a good arse kick now and then.

Furries have been this hidden sub-culture of the internet for such a long time, but suddenly secondlife sprung up and forced this mixing in.

What I've been noticing is that there was an initial over-reaction from some segments of the secondlife society, which was mostly due to bad press and tv shows.
but that has mostly blown over now... the griefers have pretty much packed it in and gone home, and many in world have simply accepted furries... well why not, there's no harm.

People who wouldn't have tried furry avatars in the past are giving them a go now, and that's an interesting development.

Anyway, Filming and Editing is happening, Music is being composed.
Shelley feels we'll be filming bits and pieces till Christmas, The doco should air on Aussie TV [SBS] in March 2009 if all goes well, and then the rest of the world will get to see it later.



  1. "well why not, there's no harm."

    Behold The Transistorized Carrot. ;-)

    (Unfortunately, the audio is out of sync.)

  2. More seriously, I find it quite strange that people use Second Life to reproduce real life. I mean, what's the point? Go out and do it *in* real life.

    I started off in SL with one of the default human avatars, but quickly switched to a freebie fox avatar (I still have it in my inventory.) Not only did it look much nicer, it appealed to my inner animal.

    While I wear a wide range of furry avatars in SL, I don't really consider myself to *be* furry - but I understand where they're coming from.

    For me, it's passive resistance to conformity (I'm not another SL skinjob), and some tongue-in-cheek performance art rolled into one ("Oh no, he's wearing the skunk AV - he must be pissed off at something...")

    Above all else, it's *fun*. :)

  3. Yeah, I really don't get the thing where people try to replicate themselves in SL, why?

    None of us are perfect, surely a little fantasy would be good.

    I can think a lot further than plastic surgery and a sports car.

    Naff dreams for naff people that.


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