17 September, 2008

Who are you?

Abi asked me to guide her to a webpage which has a kind of glossary on words that we sometimes use in Secondlife, which may or may not be heard in the wider world.

I'm not sure there is such a guide out there, so how about we write our own.

I'm bound to leave out a lot, so feel free to comment and remind me.

Furry: A person who identifies themselves as an animal.

Therianthrope: A more spiritual version of furries.

Scaley [sp?]: Furry variation - Dragon, Dinosaur, Lizard

Fursuiter: A furry who wears an animal costume in real life

Yiff: Sex.... no more, no less.
The nice thing about "Yiff" is that it is never used as a swear word.
Yiffing, Yiffed [Having or had]
Yiffy [Feeling sexy, looking sexy]

Plushie: A person, often a furry, who is aroused by soft, toy animals,
a bit like a shoe fetish... fairly rare though.

Griefer: A person who finds it funny to annoy or upset people in various virtual worlds.

Rez: a word used to describe items in Secondlife appearing or looking right."Her clothes haven't rezzed yet and She looks naked" Taken from the movie "Tron".

I'm really after terms relating to people in secondlife rather than technical terms, but I threw "Rez" in because it's used so often.

Any others?

Oh, These are from:

NCI/New Citizens Incorporated
Second Life Basics - SL Glossary
Revision: 12-12-07

NCI's “The Big Damn SL Glossary”
Version 1.0

Edited by Carl Metropolitan, with Becky Pippen

Definitions contributed by Becky Pippen, Candie Apple, SuezanneC Baskerville, Lindal Kidd, Marianne McCann, Carl Metropolitan, Yumi Murakami and Oryx Tempel. Thanks to the NCI Land Officers and the Resident Answers Forum for fact-checking and assistance.

Agent – n, Geeky term for your logged-in presence on a simulator.

Alt – n, “Alternate Account.” Many Second Life residents have more than one account for a variety of reasons, including: keeping one’s business life separate from social life, role-playing, avoiding harassment, keeping track of L$ (bank alts), and being able to work uninterrupted by Instant Messages.

Avatar – 1. n, The animated being that represents a Second Life resident in the virtual world; the digital representation of your virtual self in Second Life. 2. n, A “costume” or outfit; a full set of avatar body parts, clothing, and/or attachments that provides a specific look.

Bling – n, Jewelry and other attachments scripted to emit particle based shimmering “bling” effects.

Blingtard – n, Pejorative term for a user, often a newbie, who wears too many blinging attachments.

Bot – n, An alt account run by a computer. (see Landbot)

Boxhead – v, The act of wearing an object, usually a package prim, on your head or other location. Package prims are meant to be rezzed on the ground, but newcomers often mistake them for the object(s) they contain, and try to wear them instead. Originally the default attachment point for objects was the head. Later updates of the Second Life client changed that to the right hand.

Camping – v, The practice of earning small amounts of $L by sitting on a chair or engaging in menial activities. Merchants use campers to make their store look more popular on the grid map.

Cyber – v, Short for cyber-sex. The practice of engaging in sexual roleplay using chat and Second Life avatars and animations.

Dance Balls – n, Pairs (or larger sets) of pose balls (q.v.) which synchronise with each other to create animations showing avatars dancing or interacting in various ways. Also called Couples Balls.

Eject – v, To expel an avatar from a property. Ejecting a user will cause them to be quickly hurled off your property. The user can come directly back on your property after being ejected unless you also Ban (q.v.) them. Also called Boot or Kick.

First Life – n, The so-called “real world” away from Second Life. Synonym for Real Life. Possibly an illusion.

Flexi, Flexible, Flexified – adj, Refers to an attribute of prims that allows them to be subject to gravity, wind, avatar movement, and other forces. Commonly used in skirts and hair to simulate realistic movement.

Furry – n, Second Life resident using anthropomorphic animal avatars.

GIRL – n, Guy In Real Life; a sarcastic term for a female avatar controlled by a male player.

Gor – n, Series of BDSM-oriented Science Fantasy novels by John Norman that have given rise to dozens of role-playing sims throughout Second Life.

Gorean – n, Second Life resident who identifies with the culture of one or more of the various Gor sims.

Grey Goo – n, An object which continuously makes copies of itself. Can be produced by accident, but is generally considered a form of Grid Attack, q.v.

Grid Attack – n, A coordinated attempt by griefers to crash Second Life as a whole, or multiple servers within it. Attempting a grid attack is grounds for instant and permanent banning from Second Life.

In-World – 1. adj, The state of being connected to the Second Life servers and present in the Second Life world (also: online). 2. adj, Anything that takes place within the virtual environment of Second Life.

Land Baron – n, A resident who makes profit in-world by buying and selling land, or by developing and selling land on Private Estates, q.v.

Land Griefing – v, The practice of buying land adjacent to a victim, placing deliberately ugly or offensive items (such as Ad Cubes) to blocking the view from (or access to) their land, then attempting to sell the adjacent parcel to the victim at an extortionate price. Land Griefing is not AR'able (as Linden Lab is unwilling to restrict what a resident may place on land they own) unless the items placed on the land violate the Community Standards or Terms of Service in some way.

Landbot – n, An alt account run by a program designed to quickly purchase land sold below a set price. Land that is incorrectly priced too low, or is set to sell for a nominal sum to “anyone”, will almost certainly be snapped up by a landbot.

Liaison – n, A Linden staff member who works as front-line technical support or serves as an in-world representative.

Linden – 1. n, An employee of Linden Lab. Linden employees are referred to as “Lindens” because all of them have that last name when in the game. 2. n, Linden dollar, the currency of Second Life.

Linden Lab – n, The creators of Second Life. “Linden Labs” is a common – but incorrect – usage.

Mentor – n, A resident volunteer working with Linden Lab of Second Life who teaches and guides other citizens.

Neko – n, Mostly human avatars with some cat-like characteristics, such as ears, whiskers and/or tails. Has its origins in Anime.

Newbie – n, A newcomer to Second Life; a resident who has joined for a relatively short period of time and/or is not familiar or comfortable with Second Life's culture, interface, and nuances. The newbie cut-off point is generally considered to be at around 90 days.

Oldbie – 1. n, A resident from the early days of Second Life (pre-2005). 2. n, Anyone who is no longer a newbie. The newbie cut-off point is generally considered to be at around 90 days.

Orbiter – n, A physics-based weapon that attacks a resident by rapidly pushing them upwards into the sky with a force that exceeds the amount of counterforce that normal Second Life flight can exert. Orbiters send their victims so far into the sky that it would take hours for them to fall back down in the normal way and/or their coordinates no longer fit within SL's world model. Normally, teleporting away or – in extreme cases – relogging (q.v.) will fix being orbited.

Partner – n, A resident of Second Life who “partners” up with another resident; partners can be spouses, couples, or just friends. It costs 10L$ to Partner with someone, and 25L$ to dump them.

Pose – n, A static animation that puts your avatar into a specific position.

Pose Ball – n, Balls that contain scripts and animations that can make your avatar sit, dance, as well as do many other things. Used by clicking on the ball and selecting “Sit Here” or “Animate” from the menu. Usually colored blue (for men) and pink (for women).

Profile – n, The window that contains personal information about a avatar. The Profile window can contain a picture of the avatar, a list of the groups they belong to, a description. Additional Profile tabs include space for a website, Picks, Classifieds, a First Life section, and a Notes section.

Push Weapon – n, scripted object capable of applying a force to objects, but especially to other residents. come in numerable styles and implementations. Using Push Weapons on other residents can be considered harassment and is not permitted in Safe zones or non-damage-enabled regions. Landowners have the option to cause Push Weapons not to work on their land.

Resident – n, Term for a person who uses Second Life. This can refer to the user of the account as well as their in-world avatar.

RL – 1. n, Also called Real Life, an imaginary, dream-like world frequently described by avatars shortly after waking up in-world. 2. n, The constant interruptions that interfere with your ability to stay in-world 24 hours a day.

Ruth – 1. n, The default avatar: usually female, short, with red swept back hair. 2. v, Being “ruthed” is Second Life slang for appearing in the shape of the female default SL Avatar (normally due to server lag). To de-ruth yourself, try going into Appearance mode, making a very minor change, and then saving that change. If that fails you can try logging out and then logging back in again.

Scripter – n, A person who writes scripts in LSL, the Linden Scripting Language.

Sex Balls – n, Linked sets of pose balls that animate avatars to show sexual behaviors.

Silks – n, A type of extremely revealing lingerie worn by Gorean (q.v.) slave girls, loosely based on descriptions given in the original Gor novels. Silks have moved out from the Gorean subculture and into the more general SL fashion industry, and are worn at times many non-Gorean female avatars.

Tiny– n, An extremely small Avatar, usually a furry, designed to resemble an animated stuffed animal.

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