26 September, 2008

The sun always shines on TV

When I were a lad...

Teachers used to say "Don't watch TV, it will ROT your BRAIN, read a BOOK!"
we didn't listen.

When I was home sick, I'd often lay in bed and watch the "For schools"
programs on ABC, which were really random and strange as you'd usually only see them in school (rarely) in conjunction with a lesson.

But once in a while something interesting would come on.
Funny, now I think of it, it was a bit like watching "Eat Carpet" on SBS.
frequently bizzare with the odd gem thrown in.

But the mentality of some people online, Strewth mate!
My old teachers would roll in their graves if they saw how kids spelt now, it's got down to a language formed of misspelt acronyms, "LAWL" for example, spelt in caps, which is apparently looked upon as quite clever by peers.

Youtube feels a lot like a bunch of [add your own insults here] arguing among each other, trying to spell worse than the guy who posted earlier, using as few brain cells as possible.

I've chimed in here and there but it's no use, it's no good arguing with something with less IQ than George Dubya.

I'm almost certain that if they had to undergo an MRI, you wouldn't find much more than an empty peanut shell in there.

They're not smart enough to have the nut included.

I wonder how they manage to operate a computer?

* I did start to read books later and I think that improved the way I think, but these days I just don't seem to have the time.


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