07 January, 2009

Being Boring

I was reading a story written for a standard newspaper on Secondlife, by a journo who was quite keen on being a "feral wolf" [the link was found via Metaverse Journal].

The writer is obviously in love with his online persona, as many secondlifers are, however they may present themselves in-world.

But again there were so many negative comments, mostly by, so it appeared, people who had never set a virtual foot into Secondlife.

Others also picked on this guy for his interest in furry culture, being "squicked out" because this guy prefers to be an animal rather than a person.

I've read a lot of comments by people about a whole range of subjects, and among the nonsense comments frequently written to youtube etc, are people who are consistently "disturbed" by anything that isn't quite up to par with their own cultural ideas of what normal behaviour and desires are.

And I feel quite sorry for these people, because what they lack, is the ability to break from this cultural bubble where they absolutely must not behave differently from the sheep which they hang around with, for fear of ridicule by those who don't know any better.

It *disturbs me* that after such revolutions in human thought, eras like the 60s for instance, it appears that many people are going back to the idea that being a "square" is the best thing to do, while free expression is strictly for weirdos.

It's a real shame that some have slid backwards, opting for easy favouritism among peers, while the rest of us no longer care what others think, and are free to be ourselves once and for all.

Some people ask the question "What is Normal?" the answer to that one is very easy to answer, it's boring, nothing more.

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