21 January, 2009


Normally a rather shy person in real life, I really opened up for Shelley in the Doco and I'm worried that perhaps I bared My soul a little too much.

I'm also a little worried about watching the doco, I never did listen to the interview I did with Lowell for his Blog, Metaverse Journal.

During that interview I got very tense, and think I did an awful job, despite what others have told Me.

However, I will be watching our doco, most likely, on Thursday.

Anyway, Que Sera Sera.

It'll be fine, I'm sure, and I really hope that by Thursday night I'll be telling You all how great it was.

I really wanted to stay awake to see Obama recieve his special papers, alas, it's happening at 4am Melbourne time, and it's 1:34am now and I'm shot.

Goodnight everyone.


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