24 January, 2009

Rockets taking off, Trains entering tunnels

Yes there was sex in the doco, There Had to be, They're not called the "Sex Before Soccer" network for nothing.

Your Wolf was seen standing at a canine penis vendor, picking up a newbie [Alf] in one scene and then whisking him off to an unusual party scene in a forest, which I have said, I could barely move in.

Though it was beautifully shot, all of you close friends know that I'll usually have Jaggpro or Komuso playing at My Pub, The Kookaburra... I don't generally hang around in forests.

Now as you might Imagine, I don't normally pick up noobs at penis vendors, although I admit, it can be an interesting way to meet people.

Those of you who might be irked or whatever have Me to pick on for that, I suggested that since human wangs have been covered a lot in these SL docos, and would be again in this one, perhaps it would be nice to show the furry ones for a change... and so that's what we did, and there's a closeup of a dragon one... though I'm sure dragons really wouldn't have great spikey bits on their willies, would they?

In reality, the secondlife version anyway, You'd know that the main place I meet newbies is the ABC Sandbox, But because the Doco was made by SBS, We weren't allowed to say *anything* about ABC and that was frustrating, though understandable.

It might come as a shock, but I can tell you that although I align Myself firmly with ABC, That My Wolfy is fully and completely endowed as any male should be.

People are freaked out by Humans and talking furry animals having penises, but if you're male, that's what you have.

It's stranger that the Disney sense of having everything "sliced off" is considered a lot more normal, and this definately needs to change.


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