14 January, 2009


I recieved an e-mail today from Matt, The Producer of our Documentary.

He said it has been finished and sent to SBS, who will then choose a timeslot later in the year for broadcast.

Once I find out what the time and date is, I will let everyone know.

Although the pre-production version was called "Cyberstars" the finished version is "Alter Ego".

After the show goes to air in Australia, it may also run on overseas tv networks.



  1. Great news, Wolfie!

    I never liked the working title, "Cyberstars"; it was a bit (y)iffy. I like "Alter Ego", though - very Freudian.

  2. How can cyberstars sound.... oh... yeah "iffy". ;)

    Yah, I think zhat Freud vould haf loved to vatch and vork out vhy zhe mind ov zhe person vishes to be a volf.



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