13 January, 2009

Summer finally reaches Melbourne

We've finally had out first dead set hot day, 37c [close enough to 100f].

Benny, My old, Extra furry Malamute hated sunshine and would keep out of it, but Katie is a completely different kettle of fish.

She wanted to go out earlier, I imagined She'd go and pee and then scratch the door to get back in out of the sun.

But no, I wondered where she was, and found her in a pile of dead grass which I'd uprooted a few weeks earlier, in the full sun.

And She was more than happy to stay there.

She's a snow dog, If she remained there much longer, She'd get heat stroke... or melt.

I tried various things to get her in, yelling didn't work, She just cowered... Temptation failed too, she baulked at any offer of food or drink, even of milk, which She loves.

Yes I know milk isn't great for dogs, but She likes it and will usually come in if I make an offer.

So I went out there with her lead, placed the choker chain around her neck and She got up easily and was guided back inside.

Her fur was HOT.

Silly Girl.

About 4pm I got some doggie meatballs out of the freezer, these are really nice, they smell so good that they probably taste quite ok, not that I've tried one... yet.

I gave them to Katie frozen, with some rice... and since it was a hot day, She didn't mind eating these "meatsicles".

We're having pasta tonight, so she's going to get a bit extra.


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