20 January, 2009

The Ike 'n Flukeys

Mum would sometimes get around the house singing a tune She knew when She was a kid.

Some were Hymns and others were one hit wonders from the 40s.

A real mystery to Me, as it doesn't show up online is the one which goes:

"He's running round the Houses,
Without His shirt and trousers,
Oh Father's got them coming on again...
He's got the Ike and Flukeys on the brain."

I've googled and there's nothing, no clue whatsoever.
It's possible if the song does exist, that it's been mis-heard, which is why I'm not getting anything from Google.

I was reminded of it while talking to My Sister about Katie who was running madly in the garden before flopping down on my cool bedroom floor out of the heat.

She said "Ahh yes, She got the Ike and Flukeys and then collapsed".

Has anyone heard anything like this outside of my strange family?


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