17 January, 2009

Do you fancy a ride?

I was watching this ad and noticed something pretty strange about it, watch it through and get back to me:

Now... OK, I have to put aside the fact that two full sized talking Angus Bulls can fit, side by side in the ute, afterall, that's what the ad is suggesting, it's a "roomy" vehicle.

Then I have to waive the idea that big black bulls can't drive, but then if there are cows in heat in the other paddock and you're a big black bull loaded with... well, I reckon you know... there's a fair chance you'll learn in ten seconds if it requires that the big black bull can give what he's got to the cows in the next paddock.

BUT... and here's the thing.

The Ad implies in it's last few seconds, that not only can you get *TWO Big Black Bulls* in the cabin, but also *Two Jersey Cows*... On the *front seat* of a bloody Hilux, But all four of them can do the "two headed beast" AT THE SAME TIME!... ON THE FRONT SEAT!

"Dad, what are those cows doing? ...in your ute?"

And Yes, I noticed that both bulls also managed to put their seatbelts on before the farmer noticed they'd got into the truck.


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