13 January, 2009


America's President Bush said today that He and His Party hadn't made the US look bad to the rest of the World.

He also said that Ships were actually Planes, Hotdogs were made of cats, and Policemen were actually big fish in blue uniforms.

* He might have been right about the Hotdogs.



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  2. I won't take exception to that. Cos my cat nearly cooked in the hot weather we've had recently, I was as worried about him as you were about Katie.

    In re: Bush, I liked him having a little whinge about the recession happening to him, by saying he wasn't going to have a little whinge about the recession happening to him. He let businesses get away with the kinds of dishonest trading that cost the world economy what by now has to be trillions of dollars' worth of economic ruin.

    It's just a bit over eight years too late for the bastard to go...

  3. Lets not forget "I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully."

  4. I admit I baited Ted on that one, and now I get to REEL HIM IN [in caps too].

    Katie is ok, she'sout of the sun and keeping cool.

    I was just told something good and so I roughed up Vicky to celebrate. She loves it, She spends half her non-sleeping time stalking my ankles.



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