30 January, 2009


Guess who was AR-ed today?

Yes, It was ME!

What happened is this. A friend has a home on our island where He can have his privacy to do whatever He likes. Well, I had one of those TVs with erotic pictures in it which He liked. So I rezzed it out and stuck it on His wall.

Now it's important to realise that at this point Eragon was rated M.

The Co-Owners then decided it might be best to go PG.

Now perhaps I should have collected the TV, but I'd given it to this friend months ago and had forgotten all about it.

Recently someone must have rezzed inside His Home and filed an AR against the TV.

Now this annoys Me, Perhaps the Island was PG, but shouldn't people have a right to have what they want in their homes, if it's not annoying others?


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