23 January, 2009

Alter Ego

Well, Alter Ego looked great.

The quality of the photography was superb, every bit as good as a proper cinema movie, and the scenes within Secondlife were as good as the scenes some of you may have seen in the recent CSI Episode... and they faked some of their stuff.

Covered was Alf, the Muso, Who decided to try performing on Secondlife.

Alf is a very real person who calls a spade a spade, You see him dealing with problems in getting secondlife to work, both technically and for him personally.

Watch for his amazing solution to using his computer while battling his back problems, you see, He needs to lay flat to keep him out of pain.

Alf explores and develops his online persona from scratch, his looks and as most people on secondlife do, develops his male sexuality, and here it can get rather graphic, but fun at the same time.

Another story was on a Woman in the US who's Secondlife turned into a serious addiction, finding happiness with another person who plays the part of a child in order to relive a childhood which was less than it should have been, She needed a Mother. Yet this Womans real Children were being somewhat neglected.

Although interesting, this part really let the doco down. I felt that the air had been let out of the tyres. although some bits were touching.. Like the Child finding someone in the world who cared for Her via Secondlife, other bits verged on the tackiest current affairs story and I found it fairly superfluous.

The whole usual sad internet user with no life outside of a fictitious computer game kind of story, and family members being critical of each other. Well ok, this does happen... but why must it be in every story about the internet?

A friend asked me if places of learning were mentioned in secondlife, or how people with illness are attracted to secondlife, you all know there is a lot of good in SL.
but sadly that wasn't covered.

Of course You all know Me very Well. and sadly there didn't seem to be as much of Me as I expected, even though we'd done an amazing amount of work, I tried not to show it but I felt a bit miffed.

Marko and I had done some great stuff which was a lot of fun, but was sadly left on the cutting room floor.

The Music for Rockit was Great, I loved it, Jamie did a wonderful Job there.

He'd actually done another theme but had to change it because it was based on work which had not yet exceeded the 50 year mark and fallen into the public domain as He first thought. Jamies' work was great and I'm waiting to hear the original music.

The forest scenes with the furries looked wonderful, as Shelley promised, I have no idea how she managed to get such great video out of area which I could barely move in... strike that, *couldn't* move in. I had to be TPed to the location several times after my avatar walked or flew off and got completely lost.

A word of caution, as I mentioned earlier, watch it before showing it to kids, as there was sex in there, it definately gets an M rating, possibly even an R. I was surprised by how far they took it.

But it wasn't that old "watch out, there's nasty stuff on secondlife" sort of thing, no... the sex was handled in a way where it simply looked no worse than... buying a book? and really, that's the way I think it ought to be. I hate the way people spend so much time worrying about sex and sexuality.

Lately there have been docos on TV which are over produced and contain a lot of meaningless flashy graphics, and several people have told me that they hope that kind of thing isn't all over this film, it really annoys the audience, and I must say that I don't like it either. I'm happy to say that any graphics are quick, to the point and have a reason for being there.

Alter Ego has turned out to be a great little film, which was probably just a bit short, but then most films of this type only go an hour.

I will definately let everyone know when it goes to air, but as yet there is no set date.

Now for those of You in Melbourne, There *might* be a small screening at a venue here closer to the programs air time, where We can all get together and have a good talk about the film, the people in it, secondlife, film making... the lot really, and I'll let You know when that might happen.


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