27 January, 2009


It was a really hot day today, and they say it's going to be about 40c for the next four days. Katie was inside keeping cool, She's a Malamute, a Snow dog... therefore you aim to keep them cool. But She needed a walk, so I waited till after dark, and I saw the weirdest thing.

We have normal street lights in our street, but there's a street running off ours with no lights in it, but it's only about two houses down before you get to the next street with lights in it.

So Katie and I turn off into this street, and there's this one skinny guy about, maybe six meters in front of us. anyway He's walking on the street close to the gutter, just plodding along, and then this car starts heading slowly towards us.

The headlights illuminate this guys pink and hairy, and slightly bow legged, legs.
and I suppose that He got out of the way because the car passed us.

Then the car turns off and immediately after, this massive black shape, which I assume was a fruit bat, whooshed centimeters above the street in the direction of the car at incredible speed, it was like a shadow.

But it just seemed really weird, fruit bats don't normally fly that low and it also just kind of vanished at one point. The thing reminded me of the movie "Ghost" when the bad people got dragged down below.

Here's where things took a strange turn.

The guy with the skinny legs wasn't there anymore, and My hair stood on end... I couldn't see any sign of him anywhere.

I thought of turning back, the whole idea was rather scary but I'm sure that's not what really happened.

We crossed the street and we saw a fruit bat fly over us.

So, I decided it was just a bat afterall and We completed our walk.


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