06 January, 2009

Dreamworld Eragon

I was sorting through papers, bills mainly, as I have them everywhere [paid]. On some I have scribbled down thoughts and ideas which I do regularly... only to lose them later.

One paper mentioned a dream I had about Eragon, an Island a friend set up on Secondlife. This was a dream of a time deep in the future where people no longer sit in front of a computer in a dark room somewhere, which even as a fan of Secondlife today, I hate.

This was a dreamworld where there were no keyboards or screens, but total and complete immersion, where everything looks real, and indeed, in some way or another, it is.

Ryu and I were driving through the country, and I saw my home there, which was a lovely home surrounded by grassy fields. He and Kath also had a home in a nearby field, as did friends of ours.

We drove further... I find it's odd that I dreamt about a boring old car in this dream when I could have had some wonderful, non polluting spaceship thing... though I don't feel the car was the polluting type. The air was beautifully clean.

We came to a city area with shops and people, There were lots of shiny pipes and stands and objects... and people seemed to wear shiny clothing too.

As we drove through, I saw myself on a billboard, selling what seemed to be throat lozenges... You'd think that we could factor out the common viruses from an otherwise perfect world, but I guess they paid the bills.

We were both very happy about this, living in this space.

We were healthy and care free.

I can well imagine a future where instead of dumping people into a nursing home to sit in sadness, that people could instead live in these inner worlds, and allow perfectly healthy minds the freedom of movement they desire, without the cares of the body.

Our minds have always been capable of these dreams, but right now we're cut off, we can't share these dreams with others.

I hope that one day we will unlock this puzzle and allow others into our nightly dreams, and exist in wonderful virtual worlds of our own making.


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  1. Wow, a fellow second lifer and I were talking about a similar subject. More to the point that he liked to tell people he was an AI. But I rather like the thought of before I leave this planet my mind is downloaded and therefore I am free to navigate through a virtual world, my physical body may have gone, but at least I get to live on in a realm of my choosing. I'm not a big believer of re-incarnation or the big guy in the sky. But I like this concept to live on. After all I spend most of my current life in front of a computer, why not spend eternity in one.


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