06 January, 2009

The Christmas Dream

Last night I dreamt I was with My Parents again. Those who know me already, know I've lost both, and that I regularly dream I'm with them, as though, nothing happened.

Anyway, Mum went out and bought gifts, good ones... I think she got me an ipod, but I wasn't sure about the other stuff. all small packages anyway.

Christmas came and I felt happy and did what I wanted to do, but I had completely forgotten about the gifts, which I didn't open. I remembered later when I was somewhere else.

The next day came and I realised that I still hadn't opened my presents.

And so it went.

On the surface it simply looks like I'm happier with friends and family than with getting presents, which I think is true.

If Mum and Dad came to the door I'd be incredibly happy, and if they bought my old dogs, cats and my other pets, well... You wouldn't find anyone happier anywhere.

I think about them everyday, and each night before I fall asleep.

I always did tell them that I love them, but often I feel that I didn't do it enough.


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