13 January, 2009

Help Me if You can, I'm feeling down.

They say when you have a problem, that speaking out about it is the first step to recovery, so I summon the courage to lay my soul open so that you can see that your faithful, loving Wolf is actually a nasty old racist.

Yes, A racist, ME!

Oh the Humanity.

But with your help and understanding, I can get through this block in heart which prevents me from being the completely loving being that I so desperately desire to be.

So who is at the pointed end of my distressing views?

Although Secondlife embraces diversity, and obviously I'm a part of that diversity myself, I have noticed that I don't like certain avatars... and I have no idea why.

None have behaved badly, or caused any sort of personal pain... I just don't like them, and this is before I've even had the good grace of mind to speak to them and find out how they tick. Frankly I disgust myself, I'm utterly appalled by this.

However there is one group of Avatars that I just detest, like waving a red flag in front of a bull or perhaps turning up at a dogs party dressed as a postman.

Videogame characters, Gah, I loathe them, it's so very wrong of me to feel this way, after all, what does it matter if a person is that obsessed with a manufactured, overly commercial, superficial.... and ugly character with huge freaky anime eyes [another personal hate of mine, sorry].

Why should I mind? It's their choice to be who THEY want to be.

It's their choice and they did no freaking harm to me, Why should I feel this way? WHYYYYYY *sob*

I thought I was everyone's loving fuzzball of joy but NO, I slammed that myth on the rocks, alas my ship has run aground.

I'm awful, I'm horrible and plainly I need help.

*cries in his teacup*



  1. It is my though that withink all people there is some for of racism. It is somethign that is ingrained into our very being. This doesn;t make it good or bad, but just that it exists.

    For the most part, even though it's in secondlife, the admittance of such bias (or anti-bias) is, in my thoughts, as way to reconcile the way you are to who you want to be.

    I also have a pretty good idea as to who you might actually be talking about, but I won't name names.

    It is my thought that maybe your feelings come from the fact that you think that Second Life should be a place of spontaneous creativity, and copying a character from a game (or even show) is a sign of a lack there of. I'm not sure it's so much racism as it is disdain for unimaginative people.

    You elitist bastard. :P

  2. "You elitist bastard. :P"

    Alas, that is so.

    Yeah I think you're right, I think I want to see people express themselves, rather than take on a pre-formed persona from someone else.

    It's kind of like someone going to a shop and asking "Could I buy a personality please?"



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