25 January, 2009


I spoke with Shelley just before, and I got the impression that She was feeling a little bit down too. It's like this, When you write a book, it's yours, completely... But when you make a film, there's a lot of "Chefs" adding, and removing, to the broth which changes it... sometimes so much that you don't quite end up with what you wanted.

This is the situation We have here.

It's possible that People might think I'm upset with Shelley, but I do understand the situation perfectly well, and so I'm not laying any kind of blame at Her feet.

In fact, if I could do any kind of work with Her again, I'd be honoured.

Shelley really wants to make a documentary independently, and I think this would be fantastic. The brush would then remain firmly in the artists hand from beginning to end, as it should be, without interference from people who are mainly interested in Audience figures.


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