24 January, 2009

Clean Clean

I thought of something about the doco.

When Andy's [Musos] house was shown, there was stuff everywhere, clothes, dishes piled up, which is pretty much what you'd expect from a single guy living alone... and My own house is often like that when I'm concentrating on other things.

But before the crew arrived, I went right through the house and cleaned like crazy, the idea being that if there was to be a film made in My house, that you'd see a clean home. I did the dishes, the floors, threw away any junk, packed items away where they should be and dusted, polished and more, I did the lot.

Where did they film Me?

Hanging up My washing in the back yard, which is a mess.
and a couple of other really dark scenes.

I admit that it was winter, and My house is very dark inside... and it was cold. I had no heater and really had to rug up.

There was a shot of Katie and I walking, but I really didn't like that either as we weren't walking in our familiar streets but in a place which was quite alien to both of us.

I think My real life stuff would have almost been best edited out completely.

The in world stuff was beautiful.

The more I think about it, the crankier I'm getting. :)

Was the doco really about people using the internet and neglecting their real life? Andy's messy house?, My untidy backyard, The Dysfunctional family of internet losers?

I may have to think about it less.

But yes, I was in a doco.

*bangs head on desk*


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