08 January, 2009

Katie Strips Off for Summer

Katie, My Malamute, has just blown her coat for summer.

Now I expected this, She's My Second Malamute, So Yes, I do understand that there will be times when I have fur all over my carpet.

During times like this, it's hardly worth putting the vaccuum cleaner away.

As we've been going for our walks, I've stopped and just pinched out big lumps of fur, This doesn't hurt much, although some fur which is still stuck in her skin is pulled and that's a bit much [understandable] so I get woofed at, and put in my place.

Up and down the street, fur belonging to Katie blows about, and small piles sit in the park.

Well it was definately time for a brush, so when we got home, I pulled out her brush and it was obvious that she was happy, because she laid down immediately for it.

I couldn't believe the amount of fur I got, not so much that fur came out, but most of it came out.

She was shaved on her belly recently due to an operation, and now her side where I brushed, is almost as bald!

Not sure what to make of it.


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