09 January, 2009


When Dad died in 1998, I wanted to see him happy so I visualised him in a new life, an easy going one on an island, where He could slowly recover from the trauma he went through. He now lived in a small house on the beach, where he could rest and wander when the mood took him. He could throw sticks for our old dogs, who had returned to him and kept him company, and the cats would comfort him too.

Months later, I felt that it was time to let him go further, so I gave him a boat, a yacht, one like I wished I could have given him in real life but could never have afforded. I named the yacht "Windpower" after a Thomas Dolby song.

Inside the yacht, a cabin which resembles a motel unit, bed, TV, Kitchen, a small bathroom and room for storage and a place where the dogs can rest if they want to be somewhere quiet.

The Yacht doesn't run on fuel, it simply runs, and goes where it needs to go, or where Dad needs to be. the yacht knows in advance and simply goes at the right time.

He visits many ports now, and meets all kinds of people, people with different skin colour, some with fur, some from space and they're all helpful and kind to Him.

They teach Him lessons He'll need for the next life, things that He wasn't able to grasp in this one, so that next time around, He'll have a better life than he did this time around. He'll appreciate things than He didn't appreciate last time around.

At each port, The dogs and cats can come and go as they wish, as they also need to discover things and develop their souls for the next world. but they return, out of love, as they are our family too.

In this World, they are safe to come and go, nobody will harm them, and there's no danger from things like cars.

Mum died years later, and I have a place for Her too, a small cottage in a lovely town which is surrounded by trees, a lovely cool place with a cottage garden and a winding path to the front door. inside the paintwork is cream and green, a style she knew when younger. She didn't like it much, but I see it as comforting.

The kitchen has an old Kooka oven, and a lot of other old Australian convieniences of that period.

Out the back is a lovely wide verandah, with grapes and wisteria curling all around, offering shade. I see Her relaxing in a big chair there with Benny, Our old Malamute, and Laddie too, When they've come from Dads boat for a rest.

The path leads down through the garden, high flowers touch your shoulders as you pass along. there's a picket fence down the back, and a pergoda. then gate leads onto fields containing wildflowers and a creek, a mineral spring and other delights.

Down the street from Mum are some small shops which sell the basics. there's a tea shop on the corner, where a friend of Mum lives [a spirit guide, who never tells Mum what she really is].

This Woman often brings Mum the things She needs, and letters. She spends time with Her, Helping her to understand things which she couldn't quite grasp in this lifetime, so that Her next life is a lot easier.

My Parents and My animals wait for me in this space which I paid for with my love.
Sometimes they cry for Me as I cry for them, But they know as I do, That all We need to do is wait.

A house waits there for me too.

There's times when We need to tell people things, and it's hard when they're not around. So I write Mum and Dad letters in my mind. I see the paper and the fountain pen which writes beautiful flowing scripts.

Usually about something that happened that day, or just to say how much I love and miss them.

Sometimes I pick up the "fairies" or "Father Christmasses" as Mum used to call them, the things which blow from the heads of Scotch Thistles at certain times of the year. I pick them up and say to them quietly, "Tell Mum that I love Her" and I let the wind catch it and take it to Her.

I long to hold their hands again.

I wonder if My dogs eyes are sad, I wonder when their wait will be over, I can't wait to be with them again.


Thomas Dolby - "Windpower"

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  1. oohhh how sweet wolfie
    thats very kind of you to day about your dad
    Love Cassandra


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