22 January, 2009

Setting Up

Today I dragged out My TV, DVD and Hi-Fi [Yes, Hi-Fi, it's from the 80s]. and attempted to put them together, not difficult, I've always been good at that stuff, but some cables were missing and the RCA cables were stuffed.

Anyway, it's been really hot and tiring.
We got a cool change this afternoon and so I walked Katie, and decided to just flake out on the couch with a couple of nice crumpets topped with grilled cheese and tomato, a bit of salt and pepper and a sprinkling of oregano [oh-ree-gah-no].

And re-played Tron, on an actual television, not a computer screen.
something I haven't done for quite a long time.

Jamie, Shelley's partner, is loaning us the RCA cables so we can watch the doco in glorious stereo, which is enough for me.

Katie will have a mobile dog wash tomorrow and then I'll whip up a chocolate cake, which I've been planning to do for some time.

So all the news will be here tomorrow, don't miss the exclusive!


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