16 January, 2009

The Cat's Revenge

I have a cat called Vicky, who loves to play rough. When I first saw her in the box of kittens at the Vet, She was beating up all the others. So I love to grab her and rub her all over really roughly and brush Her fur the wrong way. In return She stalks me as though I was a huge rodent, then leaps out at me from under the table and sinks Her fangs into my ankle.

Just Before I grabbed Her and layed her in My lap, Manhandling Her, Rubbing Her roughly all over, Poking Her tummy.

I told Her "The thing is Vicky, I have no respect, No respect for you, or any of the Feline kind" as She was trying to bite and scratch me.

"None at all... If I want to grab you there", *grabbed her leg*, "I can... and If I want to grab you there...", *grabbed her face*, "I can.... And if I want to..."

Then She dropped the most horrible fart, which wafted directly into My mouth.

I dropped Her like a hot scone.

Score one, to Vicky.


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