21 January, 2009


Shelley got in touch with Me today to say that She'll have to come around on Friday instead, because She's a Mum and Her Son needs Her, and that's fine with Me. My Mum took great care of Me and I always appreciated it and still do.

She was Hoping I'd go with Her to the Editors' home, But if I do, Katie will go berserk and I'd worry about Her and what She was doing. She seems to be fine when I go out once a week to buy my food, I think She's used to that. But She freaks out if I just go out randomly.

I'll have to bring my big TV out from My Bedroom, it's not that I watch it there, indeed it's unplugged with the DVD player and digital TV box. I don't use it enough to have all that gear cluttering up My loungeroom.

Since I've been using Secondlife, I have very little time for TV, I certainly never just "channel surf" anymore. Either I have something very specific to watch or I don't watch anything.

There's a digital tv card in my PC, so if I want to watch and record anything, a few clicks does the job.

Anyway, Friday is the date now.

It gives me more time to clean My home, not that it was too untidy really, but it looks better now.

Katie is getting a bath around 11am Friday, Shelly should be here at 1pm.


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