19 January, 2009

Virtual Sex

I don't understand virtual sex, although I dabbled with it when I first came into SL merely because it was a very strange thing to see a penis on offer for avatars.

Yes I have several types for the various species of avatars I have [trust me, a human one on a canine looks dumb].

Anyway, it did very little for me, but the Avatars had fun at least. :)

I never felt that sex, was a bad thing unless someone got hurt as a result, so if this helps break some barriers, then great.

Some time ago I was dreaming that society had changed so much that sex was on mainstream tv... not the pouty x-rated affair most people would imagine, but a more natural, casual, joyful thing.

I probably won't live to see it, but if people can make it happen generations from now, then good luck to them.

See also "Sexual expression in virtual worlds - is normalcy achievable?" at "Metaverse Journal"


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